How to Update Android Firmware

Android devices getting slow, Today we will show you “How to update android firmware”. If you have your own Device, and you want to update your device with the latest version of the Android operating system, and also you want to repair and upgrade your smartphone and tablets, here is the full guidance of flash stock firmware.

Before you download the Stock ROM (firmware) for your device to update android firmware, you just need to confirm that your device battery is almost full.

What is Android Firmware?

Firmware is a mobile-based software that helps you to work properly on your devices. Firmware cannot be replaced or customized, it’s already installed on ROM format. The entire Android device operating system is stored in a compressed and writable form called NAND flash memory. It is very important to keep your phone up to date by installing the updated version of the firmware.

Here are Some best reasons why it is necessary to install the firmware.
Improved battery life
Better connectivity
Fast data transfers
Best Compatibility with the latest apps
Design changes
Additional features and optimizations.

You don’t have to be a Mobile expert to keep your device firmware/ROM up to date, you can easily upgrade the firmware with these easy steps.

Do not install the latest firmware on your device which you brought many years ago, because you can’t handle the new features that have come with firmware.

Also, you don’t have to be a tech expert to keep your device firmware updated, you can easily upgrade the firmware with these 3 steps.

  • Download the official updates firmware from the device manufacturer’s website
  • Direct update your device using interface through OTA updates

Manual Steps to Update Android Firmware from PC

Step1: Download Android Official firmware updates

All the updates to android firmware are provided by the smartphone manufacturing industry through their websites. So you can easily download the latest official firmware for your Android device.

Use the official website to download the latest version of firmware for your device. Most Popular manufacturer’s websites such as Huawei, Oppo, Sony, LG, and Motorola regularly inform you to update your devices. But Android software is not available for all Android manufacturers, such as Samsung. If you want to update your Samsung device, the only way to do it is through Odin software.

Step 2: Installing the firmware

Samsung Devices:

KIES: If you have a Samsung device, and you want to update it. This program allows you to download and install the new and updated version of firmware on your device. This Samsung firmware is based on both devices and the location. You are not able to install it using KIES if the Samsung device ROM hasn’t been rolled out to your device or location. Odin is the best program to install ROMs on your device.

HTC devices

HTC Sync Manager: HTC devices run On Android firmware and HTC Sync Manager was developed by the Taiwanese tech company to help you to update and manage your HTC Device. You can easily get it from the Official HTC website. Just download and install it and simply connect your phone to the Computer or PC using a USB Cable. Once you connect, it will work automatically and search the software and update it for you.

LG devices

LG PC Suite: Also known as LG Bridge, this program allows you to update your LG device, download it on your device, once the program is installed you just need to click the box to check phone update. LG PC suite helps you to back up, restore, and update your Android LG devices.

Sony Xperia Devices

Flash Tool: Sony Xperia Device tool helps you to install firmware on your device. Sony Flash Tool was developed by Sony company to help you to flash your Android device. Sony Xperia Flash Tool is still in beta stages, but it works very well with Windows PCs.

Motorola Devices

RSD Life tool: is also a great choice for Motorola users, these tools were developed by the Android community, RSD Tool allows you to flash your Motorola device when you get any issue.

When you install the updated firmware now you can easily connect any device on your PC using a simple USB Cable.

Step 3: Use the OTA Android firmware download

Over The Air (OTA) is the simplest and faster way to download and install the firmware also all Android devices come with the ability to update your firmware with the help of Over The Air (OTA). OTA works automatically, you will get a message or notification to conform to start the installing process.

To make sure that your device working fine and firmware is updated and just go to the “Settings” App on your device click the “Software Update” option, tap “Check for Updates” and the device is automatically able to see the updates directly if any update available.

How to update android firmware via TF/SD Card

There are many ways to upgrade your Android device, but SD and TF is also the best way to use them. You just need to put your firmware file into an SD card or TF card and the process of updating begins from the stock recovery.

All you need is:
A never-rooted Android device that you want to upgrade
Download the firmware file from the official device manufacturer website
TF/SD Card, usually a micro SD card

Let’s do it:

  • Download the upgrade SD Card version of the firmware file, the file format .zip must check before starting to process
  • Copy the firmware file to the micro SD card in the root directory
  • Many vendors provide the option for android users to use SD cards to update
    > Phone’s settings > System Update > Update via SD Card
  • Turn off your device and boot into recovery mode:
  1. Select “apply update from SD card.”
  2. Press the Power button to enter the updated interface.
  3. In the updated interface, you should see the file
  • Select using the Volume button, now press the Power button to start updating process
  • Once the update completes, now select reboot system by pressing the Power button
  • That’s it, your phone is now updated with the newest version.

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