How to Add Printer in Windows 10

Adding a printer can be quite challenging if you do not know precisely what to do and if it is your first time working with printing technology. However, this article will guide you about exactly what you are hardware and software requirements should be so that you can install all that is needed to make your printer run smoothly and efficiently.

The first step in order to add a printer in windows 10 is to obviously purchase your printer and make sure that all of its components are running very smoothly. Almost every commercial painter you will find on the market today is compatible with windows, so you should not worry about things like compatibility because we guarantee that it will work with your windows operating system. You then have to connect the printer to your computer using the local USB cable you were given during the time of purchase and then turn it on.

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How to Install Printer

Before, you start to connect your Printer to a Computer make sure that your computer is connected to the internet also connect the printer to your computer using the local USB cable. After doing all of this windows will automatically take your printer.

1. Click Start Button

2. Search Control Panel.

3. Open it And Click Devices and Printer

device and printer

4. Click Add A Printer 

add printer

5. Wait for few seconds

6. Didn’t see your printer don’t worry, just click Find a Printer

7. Choose the My printer is a little older. Help me find it. option.

find my printer

8. Choose your Printer from the list.

9. Click the Next button.


10. Type your Printer name

11. Then click the Next Button

priinter name

12. Choose Do not share this Printer

(if you want to share your Printer then click the second option)

13. Click the Next Button.

do not share this printer

14. Then Click the Print a test page Button to make sure that the device is working well.

print a test page

15. The Last step is, Click the Finish button.

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